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New distribution, New common sense, and New world in the textile industry.

ONLINE TEXTILE EXHIBITION Where buyers in the world can request samples for free, from Japan considering the whole of Japan as one production area. As a new IT converting, we realize traceability perspective, time and cost efficiency. By optimizing business customs whit IT system, it can be used by all stakeholders whiteout affecting distribution.

Buyer can request samples at any time and any where, and suppliers can sell to the world. We will contribute to the textile industry by building a new world such as effective utilization of different production area , waste fabrics and designer matching.




The business environment has changed drastically due to the impact of COVID-19 disaster, and the development of the company requires reforms toward new work styles.
Supplier does not need to be branded because it is mainly indirect sales form, company information is never disclosed , it is difficult for buyers to recognize it.

Now that individual power can transmit information through SNS and have influence, we believe that branding strategy which supplier disseminates information and has initiative is the most important. We think that continuing to transmit the stories, thoughts, and craftsmanship will lead to branding, and we think strong connection with new sales channels will lead to benefit. Due to the importance of branding, KIZIARAI can build a supplier web site for free and enable online negotiation. We also provide a system environment where overseas buyers can request samples for free.


Complicated business habits

The Japanese textile industry remains sustainable due to the influence of low-priced overseas materials, and there is a difficult and harsh reality. One of the reasons is that the complicated business customs peculiar to Japan where the division of production continue, have an effect, for better or for worse. While the cost of supplier rises in the process of division of labor, craftsmanship is incorporated to produce excellent materials unique to Japan.

On the other hand, it is important to outsource sales to an intermediary due to personal issue, there is a big dilemma in overseas materials that makes them less competitive in terms of price. We believe that many dilemmas and interests created by business practices can be adjusted, and the textile industry requires a fairy and information can be shared. And KIZIARAI optimizes this dilemma with IT and we provide a system that can be used by all stakeholders without affecting existing distribution.


Disposal fabric / Cooperation whit different

In the textile industry, the problem of inventory and disposal has became a social problem not only for redy-made products but also for fabrics and raw materials, this is major issue that needs to work toward the realization of sustainable society.

And below the surface , not only suppliers but also apparel cannot be commercialized and the reality of having a large inventory of fabrics is not well know. Not just the supplier but also apparel can sell waste fabrics by anonymous registration without damaging the brand. We will also contribute to the textile industry by sharing information on raw materials of inventories of supplier between different production areas, aiming to improve inventory efficiency through collaboration.


Business spot

Apparel designers and patterner facing a harsh environment due to personal reductions because of impact of COVID-19・Influencers who have established their own world view · There are many textile designers that have to retire due to marriage etc, limited working environment due to niche occupations. And there is a reality of retreating from the front of stage without making the best use of wonderful knowledge and talents. On the other hand, companies want to utilize talented employees, but the reality is that it is difficult to hire them as employees.

KIZIARAI provides a matching environment where companies can request work in the spot and make use of their individual knowledge. Currently it is a service limited to Japan.


Traceability / Sustainable

Due to the business customs through the division of labor in the textile industry, it is difficult for suppliers to disclose traceability. KIZIARAI aims for a sustainable society by disclosing most of traceability and actively promoting.






Basic system free






Basic system free
(Annual membership fee is not included and some supplIers are charged)

B to B : Sending and receiving swatch requests, searching for texts, and opening the supplier website for free. GLOBAL PAYPAL payment, Remote negotiation function.

Patent pending for photo search using AI technology.
Scheduled to be incorporated in May 2021.  


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